Branded shoes supplier

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Middle East and African territories interest! My company business is HBB Distribution & Trading Co., S.A. we are distributors/wholesalers of Branded Sport Brands /I can send you my Company registration & documents) such as Nike, Under Armour, Converse, adidas, Fila, Lacoste, Crocs, Brooks, Havaianas, Puma and some other main branded sport brands for shoes, clothing & accessories. Our company is situated in Panama, Rep. of Panama where we distribute these product brands from our Free Zone in Colon City. As we are in a Free Zone there is no any duties to be paid, which makes prices competitive to all markets, to give you an example, We even have buyers from USA. We can offer you a commission per order bought & paid; we normally pay $1 per pair for shoes and 1% to 2% when is clothing & accessories (always there is chance to negotiate, but we try to be competitive in prices as competence is in anywhere). We just sell by containers, meaning small container will carry 3000 pairs and 40 or 40HQ will carry up to 7000 pairs. Normally this big one is the option for buyers. Nike is my main brand and is the one that buyers look for. I look forward to your reply and acceptance. MANY THANKS, BLESSING

Please find bellow Purchase Order Procedure:

1. Order Confirmation (Nike system reservation)

2. Invoice to buyer

3. Wire payment sent by buyer

4. Payment to Brand supplier

5. Deliver of goods to warehouse from supplier (within 7 days)

6. Shipment to supplier (following buyer’s instructions)

Purchase Orders


Looking for Buyers which could be distributors, wholesalers and or Agents or buyers with retail stores.


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