Panaji cbi employee sindhi school dropout naina chand sometimes walks on public roads without any footwear

Usually most people are wearing some footwear when they leave their house, because the road outside is dirty, there may be glass pieces which can cause cuts.

Though Panaji cbi employee sindhi school dropout naina chand who looks like actress sneha wagh and her husband are very health conscious, filing dengue complaints with the health department repeatedly, she is very careless about her own health

She is sometimes walking on the road in front of her house without any footwear at all, without chappals , there are many dogs pooping on that road everyday, and all worms will adhere to her feet

All the dirt from outside will be transferred inside, and she does not realize the health risk. Instead of blaming other citizens for her fraud families health problems, threatening arrest, cbi employee should take proper care and wear footwear when walking in public property