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Cobblers for modifying shoes

Unlike tailors who can usually alter clothes as required to fit any person, there are few cobblers available who can modify a shoe to make it fit a person with a non standard foot. The problem is particularly severe for shoes from synthetic material like plastic or pvc which are made by moulding process, unlike handmade shoes which are stitched. So the shoe user is left with few options other than discarding the shoe, making selection of the right shoe important.

Formal shoes, footwear

In India, the status of women has worsened as powerful officials judge a woman almost exclusively based on her appearance, and the clothes, shoes are an important consideration. Young women who have a job are often forced to wear closed shoes or pumps to office as part of the formal dress code in most offices in India today. In these male dominated offices, most people are not aware of the fact that these closed shoes or pumps are the most painful types of shoes, especially for women with non standard feet, causing shoe bites

Celebrity shoes

Many wealthy, high profile women like the wife of former Philippine ruler Immelda Marcos, film actresses, models and celebrities are well known for owning hundreds or thousands of shoes to match every outfit they own. These wealthy women can afford to purchase expensive shoes, however most women can only afford to purchase a few pairs of shoes as they are expensive and require storage space, which may be limited. As mentioned elsewhere the shoes carry the weight of the human body, cushion the feet from the uneven ground and should also complement the outfit they are wearing

Shoe brands

Some of the popular brands of shoes are:
Steve Madden


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In goa, security agencies are encouraged to judge women on the basis of the appearance only
Instead of trying to attract new investors,goa government should first try to resolve the problems of existing investors, why they make losses in goa when they were making 4 times the money, 10 years ago in mumbai

Shoebites pain

Shoebites are the main reason why many women prefer to wear the same set of shoes for a long period of time, because for any new model of shoes or footwear they wear, they may get a painful shoe bite. For some models of shoes, the shoe bite will last for a short period of time, and though the skin of the foot will be adversely affected, it will eventually thicken and the pain will reduce after some time. In these cases, applying a bandage on the affected or damaged area of the foot, can be a temporary solution.