Branded footwear for women

Though there are a number of cobblers who make quality handmade shoes, it has become increasingly difficult to find these cobblers,and most women purchase branded footwear. While some lesser known brands are well designed and affordable, some of the better known brands like Bata have managed to find the right formula for designing shoes which fit indian women well. If a woman finds that her shoes are not fitting well and causing pain, she will discard the shoes even if they are expensive.On the other hand, if she finds that the shoes of a particular brand are fitting well, she will be a loyal customer.

Tips for choosing shoes

Some of the factors to be considered while selecting a pair of shoes are:
Size of the shoe
Fitting/comfort – though most shoe retailers allow their customer to try on the shoe before deciding to purchase the shoe, in many cases, the shoe may appear to be extremely comfortable initially, later on the shoe buyer will develop a shoe bite
Material of the shoe – leather is not suitable for monsoon, winter, snow
Quality of shoe – whether the shoe stitches, or glue will come off
Colour – most working women will choose dark colours like brown, black, grey which can be worn with any outfit

Foot shape and shoe design

Though the length of the foot is used for determining the shoe size, there are a lot of variations in the foot of individuals with the same foot length. The width of the foot, angle or slope of the foot will vary due to a number of reasons like hereditary factors, weight, health, lifestyle, gender, race, climatic conditions. Most shoes and footwear are designed for people with narrow feet and individuals with larger/wider feet often have to purchase shoes of a larger size.

Compared to other footwear like flip flops, slippers, the shoe designer has to be more careful, as the shoe has to be closed or there is some way to ensure that the shoe does not come off easily. As the factors involved in the design increases, the possibility of an error or mismatch will be more.