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Shoe design

Though the ntro officials monitoring the website will dismiss the topic of shoe design as something anyone can do, like the design of any product a great deal of expertise will be required to design a well fitting, comfortable and affordable shoe. Custom shoe makers will take the dimensions of the feet of the person they are designing a shoe for, however designing a shoe for mass production can be a complicated process. Most shoe retailers will stock shoes only in a limited number of sizes, and the shoe designer has to ensure that each size will cater to all people in the size range

A poorly designed shoe will not fit a large number of people for the size range, and the retailer selling the shoes will have to keep the shoes in stock for a long time, increasing the cost of carrying inventory, The number of returns for a poorly designed shoe will also be more, causing losses to the manufacturer and retailer depending on the relationship, terms and conditions. Often the shoe retailer will sell old stock of shoes at a discount, so his profit margin will reduce.

Ladies shoes, design, brands, types, promos

Ladies shoes, design, brands, types, promos, advertising

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