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Many wealthy, high profile women like the wife of former Philippine ruler Immelda Marcos, film actresses, models and celebrities are well known for owning hundreds or thousands of shoes to match every outfit they own. These wealthy women can afford to purchase expensive shoes, however most women can only afford to purchase a few pairs of shoes as they are expensive and require storage space, which may be limited. As mentioned elsewhere the shoes carry the weight of the human body, cushion the feet from the uneven ground and should also complement the outfit they are wearing

Some of the factors to be considered while selecting a pair of shoes are:
Size of the shoe
Fitting/comfort - though most shoe retailers allow their customer to try on the shoe before deciding to purchase the shoe, in many cases, the shoe may appear to be extremely comfortable initially, later on the shoe buyer will develop a shoe bite
Material of the shoe - leather is not suitable for monsoon, winter, snow
Quality of shoe - whether the shoe stitches, or glue will come off
Warranty - whether there is any after sales warranty on the shoes, for discounted shoes there is usually no warranty
Price of the shoe - most women have a limited budget for shoe shopping and are looking for a shoe which will fit their budget
Colour - most working women will choose dark colours like brown, black, grey which can be worn with any outfit