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Though shoes can make women look glamorous and complement their appearance, most working women, who have to spend time outside their home, find it difficult to find shoes and footwear that will fit them well. While the problem is not very severe for women who travel with a vehicle like a car or scooter, women who walk a lot for doing their daily chores, shopping or exercising will usually suffer the most if they do not have the right shoe. There are many shoe related problems which a person can face, including shoebites which are discussed separately

The shoes carry the weight of the entire human body, and wearing uncomfortable or poorly fitting shoes will often
force a person to walk slowly
the person may trip and fall
cause accidents
affect the alertness levels
The problem will be worse if the person is carrying a heavy weight especially while shopping

Some shoe related problems like shoebites may reduce over a period of time for some people, however often the shoe related problem will continue for months, so most people will discard the shoe, if the problem does not reduce after some time.

Another major shoe related problem is when the shoe strap or some other part will come off, making it difficult to walk or run in the shoe, this problem will be particularly severe while travelling in an unknown place, where the person cannot find a cobbler to repair the shoe and there is no shoe store in the vicinity.