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Shoes for women are available in a wide range of designs and prices ranging from simple canvas shoes for daily wear to expensive and glamorous looking high heels. Though the feet carry the weight of the entire body, not enough attention is given to the design and comfort of the shoes which are worn by a woman most of the time, especially when she is out of home. Find the right shoes can be a major challenge for women, especially those who are working in large companies, hospitality and entertainment sector, where there women are expected to look good.

Though most women would prefer to wear comfortable flip flops which cushion their feet and rarely cause shoe bites, most women who are employees or have to impress other people, especially men, rarely have the luxury of choosing their footwear. Most offices will specify that their employees are formally dressed and they have to wear shoes in office. Due to the non availability of well designed shoes which can be used while travelling, many women will wear comfortable sandals, flipflops or canvas shoes while travelling and then change to expensive formal shoes when in office.

While travelling it is especially important to wear comfortable shoes which do not cause a shoe bite or any other problem or pain. A person is most vulnerable to theft, accident when travelling out of home, and a person who is uncomfortable or in pain due to the shoes, will not be able to react quickly in adverse conditions. The shoes are also likely to be damaged while travelling due to the dust, dirt or strangers stepping on the shoes.

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